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Back in the early 90s when the Archers were about to go into the studio to record their 12" for Shagrat, ex-Help Yourself guitar wunderkind Richard Treece gave Nigel Cross cassettes with hours full of 'electric guitar sketches' - ideas that the Archers and later the Green Ray might absorb into fully-fledged songs. As a fan of Richard's playing, Nigel was not a little impressed by their exotic, twisted beauty and though never originally intended for public consumption, he figured that if he liked them, there was bound to be others out there who'd feel the same way.

'Dream Arena East', with notes by Cross and artwork by Treece, features nine electric guitar vignettes recorded in Richard's home studio, that will thrill and astound anyone who has ever been touched by his unique playing. From the expansive Remington-like big sky soundscapes of 'Thin Ice' to the stormy, Melville-esque, melancholic atmospherics of 'the Great Whale Hunt', Richard takes us on a wondrous voyage on this album with his trusty Fender Strat.

As Deke Leonard comments on the sleeve: 'Ricky has no limitations and few equals. If Lord Byron had played the electric guitar, this is what it would have sounded like'
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