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Pete Brown & Piblokto!

In 1970 our mate Colin Hill put on the amazing Pete Brown & Piblokto! at his sixth form college (see the contract below !) - initial attempts were stopped by the school headmaster but Colin and his mates finally put the gig on!

Colin read this poem at a recital in Launceston recently - he also read some other poems including Richard Brautigan's "The Day They Busted The Grateful Dead', which he dedicated to the late Richard Treece.


I read the news today, oh man
“Desperate Dan rejects sixth form plans.
Piblokto Dream fades”

Black roof country, deserted cities of the heart
Let’s trample the grass and chase windmills through the Park

Hare Krishna, Out Demons Out, Sing Brother Sing
Rest your head on surrealistic pillows
In the court of the Crimson King

I read the news today, oh man
“College refuses Piblokto fans demands.
Sixth formers lost in long grass”

But suddenly help bursts in from the Staff Room
A most unlikely source.
Batman wearing desert boots
Riding bareback on a horse

“I don’t understand this progressive rhubarb
I’m dazed and confused by that
Ummagumma, Dr Strangely Strange
Fresh Garbage and Frank Zappa’s Hot Rats

But your name’s on the contract
and you want to hear the poet sing
Don’t worry about the money son
Find somewhere else to put ‘em on
And I’ll help you do your thing”

I read the news today, oh man
“College no place for strangers from a strange band.
Sixth formers find alternative scene”

And so we lit a candle
To guide us to the park
We got trampled in the long grass
Chasing windmills in the dark

I read the news today, oh man
“Band’s gear stranded in France in van.
Piblokto return tomorrow”

And the people came from near and far
Idiot dancers, the hairy and the hip
We threw the doors open wide
Invited puzzled onlookers to step inside
And even Granny took a trip

I read the news today, oh man
“Heavy hypnotic rhythms on a Saturday afternoon
Poet resplendent in matching patchwork waistcoat and boots.
Piblokto – Wham Zap Pow and Kaboom”

Believe in the unbelievable
Always follow your heart
And although you might not always catch one
It’s fun to chase windmills through the park

July 1970.
Pete Brown and Piblokto! Contract for Launceston College Gig 1970