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Steve Took's Shagrat
After an anarchic debut live gig in Manchester in autumn 1969, the Pink Fairies imploded and Steve Took started to explore other options - hooking up with ex-Entire Sioux Nation members, lead guitarist Larry Wallis and bassist Tim Taylor, and ex-Black Cat Bones drummer Phil Lenoir, he put together Shagrat. The quartet was advertised to debut at the Hollywood Festival near Newcastle under Lyme in May 1970 but it was another two months before their feet finally hit the stage at the now legendary Phun City masterminded amongst others by Mick Farren and Edward Barker.

Sadly the first incarnation of the band didn't last much longer than entertaining the longhairs at this tribal gathering near Worthing Common but fortunately they did cut three numbers under the supervision of Larry's dad - two of which feature here. 'Boo! I Said Freeze' is a heavy acid rock extravaganza - before British rock became too hard and metallic. It features some of the most bad-tempered guitar playing Wallis has ever produced, a gem! Whilst the stunningly brutal and weird 'Steel Abortion' gallops hell for leather on the back of some truly wild, Quicksilver-inspired lead playing from Mr W and some quite insane lyrics from Mr T.

Took and Wallis would then re-convene Shagrat as more of a concept with ex-Chicken Shack drummer Dave Bidwell rehearsing regularly at the Stone 'All near London Bridge until Laz was called up for active duty by UFO.

This 12" features three additional acoustic demos by Took and Wallis - 'Strange Sister', 'Still Yawning Still-Born' and 'Beautiful Deceiver' that reveal Steve's predilection for all things Love and Arthurly! The release is rounded off with artwork drawn by Ed Barker that would give the great R Crumb a run for his money!

(This material, together with ‘Amanda’ and ‘Peppermint Flickstick’, was later reissued on CD by Japanese label, Captain Trips)
Side 1 Strange Sister; Still Yawning, Still-Born; Beautiful Deceiver
Side 2 Boo! I Said Freeze; Steel Abortion

Limited numbered edition of 400 copies

Out of Print