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ORC001 7" Vinyl 45rpm  SHAGRAT - 'Amanda b/w Peppermint Flickstick'
SHAGRAT - 'Amanda b/w Peppermint Flickstick'
The first release on Shagrat Records to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the death of Steve Took.

The A-side is an acoustic ballad paying tribute to Took's girlfriend of the time who was a croupier.

The B-Side is the full on electric and sexually explicit 'Peppermint Flickstick' - hands up those who remember the old Cadbury's Flake adverts? Few musicians back in 1970 followed up on the smoke trails laid down by the early Pink Floyd but 'Flickstick' is a treat, tipping its hat to the extraordinary song writing style of Syd Barrett.
Amanda Back

Limited run: 500 copies
Out of Print