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ORC002 7" Vinyl 45rpm  MICHAEL HURLEY - 'National Weed Growers’ Association b/w Slippery Rag'
SHAGRAT - 'Amanda b/w Peppermint Flickstick'
Joint venture with Father Yod Records, Carnage Press, Amphinomics, EGON and W.D.T.H..C. with the longest catalogue number of all time?
WOTCH2/2, CP-716, FYP-S01, F+M998, E-04, ORC002,
two tracks by one of the great voices of American primitive music - psychedelic folkie supreme, Michael Hurley.

The release comes in a full colour sleeve painted by Hurley and includes a tiny comic book featuring his two beloved cartoon characters, 'Tales of Boone & Jocko Vol X'
Amanda Back

Limited run: 500 copies
Out of print