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THE DEVIANTS 1967 – 2013
It’s a miracle they survived…

Mick Farren, Russell Hunter, Andy Colquhoun, and Duncan Sanderson are all members of those legendary anarchic bands THE DEVIANTS and THE PINK FAIRIES.
They have re-united (but hardly reformed) and – along with newcomer Jaki Windmill from Nik Turner’s Space Ritual – will confront the 21st century not only with real-deal honed and hardened insurgent rock & roll but also a direct connection to the heart of genuine rebel counterculture of the 1960/70s.
The four principals have put out more the twenty albums and CDs between them, their songs have been covered by Metallica, Motorhead, Hawkwind, Wayne Kramer, and Henry Rollins and many more and, by way of a power boost to this confederation of dangerous survivors they have cut a brand new, rabble-rousing (and also highly collectable) single THE FURY OF THE MOB.

Yes folks we’re stoked to announce the imminent arrival of a brand new single by the legendary Deviants.

Unchained: 28th June 2013

The Fury of the Mob
b/w A Better Day Is Coming
(ORC 006 7”)

Released in an initial run of just 500 copies on transparent better red than dead vinyl, this is the first new Deviants single since 1968’s You Better Hold On
Housed in a splendid sleeve designed by Savage Pencil
the A-side is a rockin’, fuzz-toned fuelled rant.
People we’ll be taking to the streets chanting this one!
The flip meanwhile is a more upbeat song capturing the band in rare melodic mood!

Available on iTunes !  and   AMAZON
Available on iTunes
Shindig! Magazine Review

The Fury Of The Mob / A Better Day Is Coming
Shagrat Records (Limited edition red vinyl 7” single)

This is the first new Deviants’ single proper since 1968. A heavy, brooding call to arms on which The Deviants show they’ve got still got rabble-rousing fire in their bellies. Delivered in his now customary spoken poetry style rant, Farren’s lyrics haven’t lost any of their insurrectionary vitriol either.
            The real revelation though is the flip side, on which The Deviants go all Tom Petty on us with an uncharacteristically upbeat and optimistic number called ‘A Better Day Is Coming’. Colquhoun’s lead vocals are complemented admirably by Jaki Windmill’s harmonising, whilst Farren’s spoken interlude provides a perfect if somewhat incongruous counterpoint.
            If Farren is the glue to which this welcome and continued reunion of The Deviants sticks, guitarist Andy Colquhoun proves to be the musical driving force, but it’d be nothing without the presence of veteran Deviants and Pink Fairies rhythmites Russell Hunter and Duncan Sanderson. There’s an album in this reunion yet!
Rich Deakin
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