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We are pleased to announce we have unearthed a final, long-thought-lost cache of Green Ray CDS and these are now back in stock!

' ...something to be valued and treasured, a rare nugget of gold from a seam many wrote off as played out a generation ago' - Phil McMullen

We are delighted to announce that we have uncovered a small cache of the ultra-rare Green Ray CD originally put out as a joint venture with Father Yod back in 1997.

This 4-track CD with art work by the mighty Savage Pencil and liner notes by the inimitable Phil McMullen, editor of the Terrascope, brings together two tracks from the band's now out-of-print vinyl only 12" Sighs, Whales and Trees (Shagrat ENT 006 12") with two extended tracks that have never been released elsewhere. Alongside the band's 'Float', a beautiful instrumental in the vein of Fleetwood Mac's 'Albatross' and Quicksilver's 'Gold and Silver', and 'Night Train To...' (both from the EP), there is the magnificent work out 'Black Eye Pea' where the band embarks on an extensive modal jam and best of all there is the epic 'Morning Song'.

Originally written back in the days of Help Yourself, the Green Ray have re-worked it into one of their most special numbers which they still perform today. Produced by Man-alumnus and leader of Donovan's Brain, Ron Sanchez, 'Morning Song' sees the band at its absolute peak. they play beautifully and it's a joy to hear the late Simon Burgin - an integral part of the Ray back then.

But if we have to single out the hero of the hour, honours have to be bestowed on Richard Treece who co-wrote the song with Malcolm Morley back in 1970, and here handles the lead vocal and plays some of the most spine-tingly licks of his career - you can indeed witness Richard's guitar howl again like a mescaline buffalo, as Phil suggests in his liner!

Float; Night Train To....; Black Eye Pea; Morning Song

£9 + Shipping: UK:£4.25, Europe:£8, USA:£10.50

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